Professional Knowledge Award (Leadership)

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This assessment unit is suitable for: School leaders (classroom teachers and middle leaders should undertake the Professional Knowledge Award instead).

The Professional Knowledge Award (Leadership) provides access to our three Chartered Teacher (Leadership) examinations and has been designed specifically for school leaders  to demonstrate their professional knowledge in a range of areas, including; teaching and learning; curriculum, assessment; and school development. 

A school leader undertaking this assessment unit would typically be an executive headteacher, headteacher, deputy headteacher, assistant headteacher, director, head of school, or other similar role, where they have either whole-school or cross-school responsibility.


Start date:


How long should it take to complete this assessment unit?

3-12 months

Available credits towards Chartered Status:


How do I prepare for these examinations?

You will need to have a good understanding of evidence-informed practice in order to successfully complete the examinations, so we typically recommend that you complete the Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice prior to taking the exams. To help prepare you for taking these examinations, we will provide full guidance, reading lists and practice examinations so you can familiarise with the examination style and format.

What examinations will I undertake?

You will be required to undertake the following three examinations;

  • Multiple Choice Questionnaire Examination (MCQ) which assesses knowledge of evidence-informed teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment.
  • Objective Structured Teaching Exercise (OSTE), which is a scenario-based examination, designed to assess knowledge of formative assessment and teacher professional development.
  • Written Examination, which is designed to assess your knowledge of effective leadership and school development approaches, applied within your school context.