Development of Teaching Practice Award (Leadership)

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This assessment unit is suitable for: Practising school leaders (practising classroom teachers and middle leaders should undertake the Development of Teaching Practice Award instead).

The Development of Teaching Practice Award (Leadership) has been developed for practising school leaders and explores a range of evidence-informed approaches to teacher professional development. As part of this unit, you will undertake a CPD review to evaluate existing CPD practice in your context and identify opportunities to enhance the quality of teacher CPD further, with a focus on ensuring the best possible outcomes for pupils in your setting. 

A school leader undertaking this assessment unit would typically be an executive headteacher, headteacher, deputy headteacher, assistant headteacher, director, head of school, or other similar role, where they have either whole-school or cross-school responsibility.

Please note that in undertaking this assessment unit you will be required to utilise your own network to undertake a peer review activity  which will provide an additional layer of support and challenge, facilitating your learning and enabling you to gain deeper insights into your school/s practices. This should ideally be another school leader, or alternatively another professional (e.g coach, mentor or school improvement partner).


Start date:


How long should it take to complete this assessment unit?

3-6 months.

Available credits towards Chartered Status:


What does the Assessment Unit include?

As part of the supporting content for this assessment unit, you will have access to a short online course that will help you to familiarise yourself with the evidence around teacher professional development and guide you through the process of evaluating CPD. You will also have access to full assessment guidance, exemplars and reading lists, as well as a CPD Review tool.

What does the assessment cover?

Once you have explored the learning content provided, you will undertake an initial review of CPD practice in your context. You will identify an aspect of your school/s CPD practice to refine or develop, engaging with research and evidence to inform your CPD strategy moving forward. You will reflect on your progress and share your learning.

You will then submit a portfolio for formal assessment, including an evidence summary around your chosen area of CPD, two written reflections based on your self-evaluation and peer review activity, and a recorded presentation.

Please note that as part of this assessment you are expected to seek external input to provide an additional layer of support and challenge, facilitating your learning and enabling you to gain deeper insights into your school/s practices. Ideally, this external input will take the form of a peer-review conducted by another school leader. However, you are welcome to draw on expertise from another professional, such as a coach, mentor, school improvement partner, or from an organisation that provides services in this area. You will need to make your own arrangements for this element of the assessment, and are encouraged to draw on your wider networks, Chartered Teacher (Leadership) candidate community, or to utilise Chartered College of Teaching Learning Partners, where available.