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Cognitive science in the classroom

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Discover how cognitive science informs classroom practice in one secondary school.

Notre Dame High School in Norwich serves over 1,400 students and has a high percentage of EAL students. In this film, chemistry teacher and network research lead Niki Kaiser and assistant headteacher Roger Higgins discuss how cognitive science informs their practice.

Insights from research into areas such as metacognition and memory emphasise the importance of encouraging students to retrieve information, activating their prior knowledge and enabling learning to take place. This has inspired a range of effective approaches to teaching, such as the use of self-quizzing for retrieval practice and modelling worked examples.

To see these approaches in action and hear of the benefits from the students themselves, watch the video below.

As you watch this clip, whether on your own or with colleagues, you may like to take some time to consider the work being presented, how they’ve achieved this, what they might have done differently and how the ideas might translate to your own practice or wider context.

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