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Webinar: Meeting individual needs of students – Andy Taylor (@MrTs_NQTs)

A presentation on getting to know your class and supporting their individual needs

In this online webinar recording, Andy Taylor (Mr T) presented to early career teachers on meeting the individual needs of students, enabling all learners in a class to thrive.

Your class is a complex place with 30 individual children in your charge that need the opportunity to grow, develop and progress. In this webinar we will explore strategies and advice on getting to know your pupils and being able to meet their individual needs

Together we will:

  • Explore the importance of knowing children as individuals
  • Identify the importance of Quality First Teaching as a way to address pupil needs
  • Identify strategies that can be utilised in order to meet the varying needs of the children in front of you

Shared resources:

About Andy Taylor (@MrTs_NQTs)

Andrew has taught in schools in Gloucestershire for 16 years as a class teacher, assistant head and Deputy head teacher. He has led a variety of subjects and curriculum areas over the years including English, Maths, Computing, PE, Teaching and Learning and Assessment.

Andrew has supported NQTs and students as the lead mentor in schools and has really enjoyed being able to support each of them in building their strengths to be the best teachers they can be. Over his time in schools Andrew has honed his coaching and mentoring skills. Through this he has become an advocate of the Department for Education’s Teaching Vacancies service. A free and easy-to-use service from the government to help job-seeking teachers find their perfect teaching role more easily.

For the past 2 years he has worked for the University of Worcester supporting trainee teachers and helping to develop their provision for Early Career Teachers.

Andrew also tweets under the handle of @MrTs_NQTs. A twitter feed with advice and guidance for trainee, Newly Qualified and experienced teachers, with over 20K followers.

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