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Webinar: Supporting students’ wellbeing as part of a recovery curriculum

A presentation and discussion on supporting students' wellbeing post-lockdown

This session focused on identifying students who are more likely to have been impacted by COVID in terms of mental health and wellbeing, providing guidance on how we can best support these students as they return to school.


  • Learn which student groups are more likely to have been particularly negatively affected by this crisis in terms of their mental health and wellbeing and how best to support them
  • Discover how students think their wellbeing can best be supported as schools reopen
  • Find out more about the challenges with distance learning different student groups have experienced
  • Hear from practitioners as they speak about how they are supporting student mental health and wellbeing in their schools

Shared resources:

Guest speakers

Stephen Beck FCCT

Teacher, Stratford Upon Avon School

Stephen Beck still struggles to believe he is a teacher having run away from school on his second day way back in 1965. He earned his B.Sc. degree in Physiology and Psychology from London in 1982 and after a number of jobs he took his PGCE at Loughborough University in 1987 and a higher qualification in Information, advice and guidance in the late 1990s. He has taught in many schools and organisations since then in a wide range of roles. Management never sat well with Stephen and he prefers to be in the trenches. If teaching was military deployment, He would be a grunt and he loves it. He has taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics, P.E., Psychology, Sociology, English, Travel and Tourism, Health and Social Care and Criminology. His pedagogy is based on playing a long game. Teaching is about the future of his students, not his past. He prefers the challenge of the disaffected and the disengaged. He knows you can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink. He sees it as his job to at least make it thirsty.

John Rees FCCT

Independent Educational Advisor, PSHE Solutions

John is passionately committed to enhancing the learning and life chances of children and young people, through school improvement and by supporting the professional development of individuals and organizations. Having taught for 12 years, latterly as a senior leader, John led the transformation of a 2-school theory-driven, evidence-informed research project into an multi-agency Relationships and Sex Education programme with unique evidence of health benefit and educational improvement in 200+ schools across the UK and overseas. John became an independent educational consultant in 2006, and has enjoyed repeat commissions overseas and with a range of clients supporting health and educational improvement. Currently John is working with a range of charities and commercial organisations as a Coach and Facilitator, speaker, trainer and advisor with Schools, Academies and Local Authorities, across the UK and overseas, to support school improvement and health outcomes.

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