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Webinar: Why not giving up on a child is the most rewarding thing you can do…

A short presentation on having high expectations for all learners, followed by a panel discussion

Please note, parts of this webinar recording have been edited out due to connection issues on the day. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In this webinar recording, Professor Dame Alison Peacock (Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching) shared inspiring stories from her career, reflecting on children that challenged her, how she met their individual needs, and the rewards from having done so.

We were also joined by Dr Kulvarn Atwal FCCT (Head Learning Leader, Highlands primary School, Uphall primary School), and Stephen Beck FCCT (Teacher, Stratford Upon Avon School), who shared their own experiences in the same context and provided guidance and advice to challenges raised by those in attendance.

Event materials:

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