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Bullying and Loneliness – Pedagogy in practice

The Chartered College of Teaching is delighted to have partnered with ACAMH to present a FREE online training series, ‘Pedagogy in practice’, exclusively for teachers and school leaders.

This series focuses on pedagogical approaches and practical strategies that can be used to support with a range of aspects of pupil mental health in school.  It gives attendees a unique opportunity to take part in interactive expert webinars looking at how to approach key topics in school.

About the session

This session focuses on the topic of bullying and loneliness, something which can be of particular concern at the start of a new school year.

Presentations by Dr Verity Jones (Associate Professor, University of the West of England, Bristol) and Sharon Mangoma MCCT.

Panelists: Harriet Gill (Managing Director of Education and Wellbeing, Coram Life Education) and Jenny Barksfield (Deputy CEO and Director of Education, PSHE Association).

Dr Verity Jones will consider how racism (as a form of bullying) impacts the mental health and wellbeing of children 9-11 years old. The session will draw on findings from ongoing interdisciplinary research with education, creative art and psychology experts and will focus on how loneliness is experienced by young people as a result of racism. Verity will consider the strategies children are using to cope with this and how teachers and schools can work towards inclusive educational experiences for young people in our school.

Sharon Mangoma MCCT explains how encouraging students to reflect upon and perform intentional acts of kindness – ‘acts of kindness’ – develops perspective taking, increases social membership, and offers a structured way of encouraging kindness within the school context.



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Our Presenters

Dr Verity Jones (Associate Professor, University of the West of England, Bristol)Verity is an Associate Professor at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol. Her research interests lie in social and environmental justice and she has worked with national and international organisations on issues including climate anxiety, social impacts of digital citizenship and the development of more sustainable food systems. Verity currently leads an interdisciplinary team exploring young people’s experiences of racism and how this impacts on mental health and well being.  The team include Dr Chris Pawson, Dr Sarah Whitehouse, Dr Tessa Podpadec, Luci Gorell Barnes and Justin Vafadari.

Sharon Mangoma MCCT (Teacher in Health and Social Care, One Sixth Form College) – Sharon is a teacher and a mother of two. Both of her children have experienced racism and bullying in school and despite the schools’ efforts to deal with and tackle these issues it is sometimes too late for the victim.  Schools can only respond to incidences, which unfortunately means that the damage has already been done.  What is needed is to change the culture within schools and Little Kind Acts Journals are a tool that could support that positive change.  In this session Sharon will discuss how changing the narrative and promoting kindness is the way forward in changing the culture of bullying within schools.  Sharon will explore the benefits of kindness, gratitude, and journaling for young people and how schools can create positive learning environments free from bullying, racism and the loneliness it creates.

Harriet GillHarriet is Managing Director of Education and Wellbeing for Coram, responsible for Coram Life Education and Coram Beanstalk’s vision for children and young people to develop social and emotional skills for the future.  Harriet is responsible for Coram Life Education and its reach and impact in schools across the UK, working with trustees, central team and local delivery partners to ensure our service to schools is consistent and high-quality.  She has been a leader within children and young people’s charities for 30 years – previously for Brook Young People’s charity and, since 2015, at Coram.

Jenny Barksfield, Deputy CEO & Director of Education, PSHE Association – Jenny has worked in PSHE education for over 25 years. She was Head of PSHE and Citizenship at a large secondary school for 10 years before joining the Association team, initially as Training and Development Lead.  She is now the PSHE Association’s Deputy CEO and Director of Education, leading on partnership projects with government departments, local authorities, MATs, charities, and corporate partners, as well as leading the Association’s team of subject specialists.  Jenny’s team are the leading national experts in PSHE education, splitting their time between writing teaching resources and guidance, quality assuring materials from others, delivering training, and providing advice and support to members around the world.  Jenny has a Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Research and her co-authored book Understanding PSHE education in secondary schools was published in October 2016.

About the ‘Pedagogy in practice’ series

This webinar is part of a series of FREE online events exclusively for teachers and school leaders, and offer insights into best practice in supporting children and adolescents building on the latest evidence base.  They are brought to you as part of an exciting new partnership between The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) and the Chartered College of Teaching, two charities who are dedicated to supporting teachers to make a difference to the mental wellbeing of children and young people.

These sessions are designed to help close the knowledge gap in a range of topics that now form part of the statutory Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum.  We think it is important to help equip teachers with knowledge in areas that may be less familiar to them and to help them consider how they might most effectively deliver these topics to children and adolescents as part of the curriculum.

These sessions will build on previous webinars run by ACAMH, attendees are strongly encouraged to watch back the ‘Ask the Expert’ series, in particular the topic of Mental Health Conditions in Young PeopleAll of these sessions plus a host of other free resources for teachers can be found on ACAMH’s Teacher Hub.

The Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) is a unique multi-disciplinary organisation, and charity, established for over 60 years committed to ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’.  

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