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Remote learning approaches, tips and advice from experts

Mark Anderson FCCT, ICT Evangelist and Bukky Yusuf FCCT, Secondary Science Teacher, Consultant and Qualified Coach, join Hannah Tyreman to discuss online learning. They look at:

  • The importance of simplicity with online learning in order to meet the expectations of students, parents and carers and colleagues
  • How educators can navigate the opportunities and challenges of online learning with some useful principles to consider when moving from face-to-face to online learning contexts
  • Safeguarding considerations to be made including lone worker policies
  • Tools and approaches to maintain engagement and motivation online
  • Staying connected with colleagues for collaboration, wellbeing and learning
  • Time saving tips in the online learning world
  • Managing workload and wellbeing in the online learning context


Some links related to the conversation:

Safe remote learning


With schools closed part one and part two from Mark Anderson

Distance learning from an AP perspective week one and week two reflections from Bukky Yusuf


Online learning tools

Microsoft Teams for online communication and sharing

Zoom for video conferencing

Loom for screen recording

Teach from home with Google

Kahoot for online quizzing

Flipgrid for video sharing

Google Keep

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft immersive reader

Do not disturb on iPhone and Android

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