Increasingly our schools and school systems feel driven by concerns around the likes of OFSTED inspections and league-tables. School leaders are increasingly forced to ask “what would OFSTED think?” rather than “what is the right thing to do?” when making decisions with their leadership teams.

No wonder we are in a motivational crisis today, with 40% of surveyed teachers recently saying they were considering leaving the profession.

Of course some level of “accountability” in our schools and the school system remains essential. But in this lively discussion, Sharath Jeevan FCCT – one of the world’s leading experts on intrinsic motivation – shared ideas on how we can still manage these accountability pressures while re-igniting our work as teachers and school leaders.

In this event, we explored:

About Sharath Jeevan FCCT

Sharath previously founded STIR Education which has re-ignited the intrinsic motivation of 200,000 teachers and school leaders in emerging countries. He served on the high-level Steering group of the Education Commission, the global think tank founded by Gordon Brown and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Roehampton University for his contribution to global education. His book “Intrinsic” comes out with Hachette in September 2021.




Shared materials:

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