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High-quality interactions and supporting young children with SEND


This video shows practitioners supporting young children’s learning at Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre in east London, a maintained nursery school for children aged two, three and four. The setting works closely with parents and carers and is fully inclusive, with a number of places prioritised for children who have special educational needs and disabilities. As you watch the video, consider how the practitioner supports high-quality interactions to support children’s learning. Specifically:


  • Notice how the practitioner gives key vocabulary and then repeats this as the child is moving across the blocks.
  • Consider how the practitioner uses single words and signs, then begins to use longer phrases, linked back to and building on previous communication
  • Notice how the practitioner looks for communication from the child. How is she responding to their sounds, signs, body language and facial expressions?

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Oh, a crate. A crate. 


Mummy. Yes, Mummy’s coming. Balancing. Balancing. 




Ooh. Down. Ooh, wobbly. Down. Exciting. 

More. More. Mm. A wobbly block. Ooh. 


Ah. More balancing. 




Walking. Going down. Wee! Down. Up. Climbing up. Up. Ooh, wobbly. Down. Wow. Come. Bouncy. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. 


[child’s response] 


Ooh, so… 


Sneezing. Help. Help. Help. Are you OK? Yeah, you’re OK. You’re OK. Shorts. More bouncing? More bouncing. [child’s name] is spinning. Ooh. 


Some more? More? 

[child’s response] 

Yes… Go! 

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