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Exploring the development of a recently qualified teacher’s questioning skills through classroom research

Written by: Niamh McGrogan  Tasmin Cole
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Tasmin Cole, Westbury Leigh C of E Primary School, UK Niamh McGrogan, School of Education, Bath Spa University, UK Education and teaching are known for their everchanging policies and practices to support children and their learning, with high expectations of teachers to engage in professional development to embrace these (Campbell et al., 2004). This case study follows a recently qualified teacher’s experience of using a collaborative research project as a form of continuing professional development (CPD) on the use of questioning to support formative assessment of children’s progress. The teacher had previously struggled to develop in this area despite a range of support from colleagues and, by the end of the collaboration, felt that the research project provided a structured opportunity to step back and reflect on what had happened and what could be changed. This also formed the data collection process of a project and had an additional purpose beyond developing practice. The

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