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Impactful in-school tuition: A synergistic approach to assessment and professional development

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Ben Dryden, School Partnerships Manager, Education Development Trust  Laura Fox, Senior Education Adviser, Education Development Trust  Douglas Fairfield, Education Adviser, Education Development Trust  Aided by the government's response to COVID-19, including the National Tutoring Programme, in-school tuition in the form of one-to-one and small group interventions has emerged as a popular strategy to address progress 'lost' as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite evidence of a degree of recovery by Summer 2022, multiple studies (including Andrews, 2023). have found that pupils were, on average, not performing as well as pre-pandemic cohorts across some subjects. Similarly, further evidence indicates that the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers, which widened due to COVID-19 (EEF, 2022a), has seen partial reduction but still exceeds the levels observed before the pandemic (Andrews, 2023).  Alongside attainment gaps, a less extensively explored im

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