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Live online student feedback and intervention during a lesson

Written by: Nicola Robinson
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NICOLA ROBINSON, VICE PRINCIPAL, THE WORTHGATE SCHOOL, UK As a senior leader, I am privileged to be able to observe many lessons across my whole school’s curriculum. Since I am also a teacher, I can also appreciate and empathise with the challenges that each teacher encounters, with every lesson offering a multitude of decision-making pathways to elicit and maximise student progress. A question that I often ask teachers is ‘How do you know whether (all) your students are making progress during your lesson?’, coupled with ‘What do you do to feel confident that you are effectively assessing progress throughout your lessons?’ I follow this with ‘How do you feed back effectively to students after assessing their learning and progress, and how do you know that they’ve acted upon it?’ The purpose of this case study is to provide a model for how live online feedback and intervention through MS Teams may be used to enhance the immediacy of feedback and motivate subsequent stud

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