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Retrieval Practice CPD Pack

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Our CPD packs are designed to support members in further exploring the themes raised in each Impact journal. CPD packs provide guidance and resources to help facilitate staff CPD based on key articles from each issue. This pack is related to Optimising learning using retrieval practice written by Dr Megan Sumeracki, Cognitive psych professor at Rhode Island College and Dr Yana Weinstein, Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts and  co-founder of ‘Learning Scientists’.


The packs are designed to be flexible so they can be used and adapted to deliver a one off session or a longer series of CPD opportunities. The facilitator notes contain suggestions for how to shorten or extend activities depending on whether you wish to provide a brief snapshot of the research or explore the concepts over a longer time period. We recognise that preparing and resourcing high quality CPD in schools and colleges is both time consuming and expensive, and we hope that these CPD packs will help reduce teachers’ and school leaders’ workload as well as providing a supportive framework enabling all school members to facilitate CPD confidently.

The Pack

The CPD pack related to this article enables teachers to deepen their understanding of retrieval practice. They’ll engage critically with research about retrieval practice, and they’ll consider the implications for teaching & learning within their context.

This pack contains the following –

Presentation Slides

Facilitator Guidance

A copy of the article

Words and definitions to learn

A video


If you make use of this CPD pack in your setting, we would welcome your feedback.

Click here to submit your feedback.

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    Sarah Keinhorst

    Thank you so much for developing this resource

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