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Student mindset and the art of receiving feedback

Written by: Emoke Mihaly
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EMOKE MIHALY, THE ENGLISH MODERN SCHOOL WAKRA, DOHA, QATAR Introduction In my decade-long journey as a primary school teacher within international school settings, I have explored the different aspects of providing effective feedback to young students in order to improve their learning. Building on Hattie’s (2009) influential meta-analysis, which underlines the impact of feedback on academic learning and achievement, and reflecting on my teaching practice, I found very limited focus on how students learn from feedback. This article aims to address this gap by not only emphasising feedback from a teacher’s perspective but also, equally important, empowering learners to understand and utilise feedback for self-improvement. Our students must recognise their role as the primary source of their own personal and academic growth, a concept aligning with Carol Dweck’s (2006) notion of a ‘growth mindset’. Teachers must acknowledge the importance of developing a growth mindset in

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