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Webinar: Developing essential teaching techniques

A discussion exploring developing essential teaching techniques inside Tom and Oliver's new book

In this webinar recording chaired by Cat Scutt, Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli explore their new book Teaching WalkThrus: Five-step guides for instructional coaching and how it looks to tackle some of the challenges in teacher development and instructional coaching. In the recording they:

  • Look at some of the challenges in teacher development and how teachers can develop their practice
  • Explore some of the most crucial techniques in teaching, what they look like in practice and why they’re important
  • Take an inside peek at the book, it’s structure and visuals
  • Explore why the use of visuals is effective in learning

There was also a Q&A session towards the end of the webinar.

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We need long-term solutions for the profession to enable children and young people to continue to receive world-class education. This future must be shaped by the teaching profession. The Chartered College is Teaching will be supporting this conversation with the #FutureOfTeaching, bringing together teachers from across the world to drive the change we need to benefit children and young people.

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