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Webinar: Relationships, Sexuality & Gender for the classroom

A presentation and discussion on how to confidently deliver RSE in the classroom

Relationships, sexuality and gender are huge life issues affecting all of us, from childhood and throughout adulthood. Yet, education is so lacking in this vital area. In fact, many teachers have never had formal RSE themselves, before endeavouring to teach the subject with an awareness of diversity and good practice within the field.

RSE lead practitioner and international expert, Jenni Gates, and chartered teacher, psychologist and academic, Scott Buckler, are here to help! By watching this webinar, you will go away with confidence in safely teaching and managing all matters of RSE within the classroom.

This webinar covered:

  • How to lead inclusive, age-appropriate lessons in primary and secondary schools.
  • Critically evaluate the 2020 Relationship and Sex Education policy.
  • Celebrate the individual identity of learners.
  • Go beyond the statutory requirements in offering informed, responsible teaching.
  • Ultimately, provide you with the confidence to openly discuss a range of RSE topics.

Shared resources:

About our presenters:

Jenni Gates

Counselling Therapist & Author
Jenni Gates Therapy, Pink Therapy & Workshops for Wellbeing

Jenni has been working in the field of mental health, with young people and families, since
graduating from the University of Glasgow with a joint honours masters degree in English
Literature and Psychology. Over the decades Jenni has worked in a wide variety of educational
settings, providing relationship and sex education across the UK. In the past ten years, Jenni
worked for The West of England Gender Identity Clinic as a specialist counsellor, gaining
knowledge and experience from world renowned clinicians and practioners in working with
relationships, sexuality and gender. Jenni had a paper published in the International Journal of
Transgender Health in 2018 on her specialist interest in non-binary gender identity. She has
spoken widely to health professionals and at training establishments in good practice and
inclusion for people of all gender, sexuality and relationship diversities. Jenni currently works
from Devon in private practice as a counsellor and ‘Workshops for Wellbeing’ facilitator, as well
as for Pink Therapy and Hammet Street Consultants. Last year Jenni co-authored the leading
guidebook in positive LGBTQI+ Relationship and Sex Education, ‘Lessons in Love &

Dr Scott Buckler CTeach

Chartered Teacher, Chartered Psychologist
Holy Trinity School (Kidderminster), Sofia University (California)

Scott has an extensive career in education, as a primary and secondary school teacher,
elearning developer, and as a principal lecturer, having worked for four universities.
Academically, Scott is widely published in education, applied psychology and transpersonal
psychology. Scott’s specific research interest is empowering the sense of self, an aspect that
led to working with Jenni and co-authoring the book, ‘Lessons in Love and Understanding’.
Scott is a Chartered Teacher and Chartered Psychologist and has a PhD in anthropology.

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