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Webinar: Working memory and executive functions and SEND: Implications for learning

In this webinar, Dr Marialivia Bernardi delivers a presentation on working memory and executive f...

Executive functions, including working memory, inhibition and cognitive flexibility, play a crucial role in the development of academic skills and continue to impact educational achievement throughout childhood and adolescence.

In this webinar recording, we provide teachers and support staff with an understanding of how executive functions can be supported in the classroom in order to enhance learning of children and adolescents with SEND.

The webinar explored how working memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibition affect learning in the classroom including: learning to read and reading comprehension, handwriting and written production, mathematical reasoning and numerical operations. The webinar considered how to identify executive function difficulties and mitigate these through strategies that support the achievement of children and adolescents with SEND. Case studies of children with neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, ADHD) were proposed to participants for discussion.

Dr Marialivia Bernardi

Lecturer in Psychology, Institute of Lifecourse Development, University of Greenwich

Marialivia is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich, she teaches developmental psychology, neuropsychology and psychopathology to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Marialivia previously worked as a research associate at University College London, investigating neurodevelopmental outcomes of extremely preterm birth. She completed her PhD at City, University of London, examining the relationship between the development of motor coordination, executive functions and academic achievement. She is a therapist for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and worked in clinical and educational settings before starting to work as a researcher. Her research interests include understanding the cognitive and academic profiles of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

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