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Why our curriculum needs to be LGBT+ inclusive and how we can do it

Why our curriculum needs to be LGBT+ inclusive and how we can do it – presented by Daniel Tomlinson-Gray

This session explores practical and easy ways to develop an LGBT+ inclusive curriculum across a range of subject areas with specific reference to the Ofsted framework of ‘intent, implementation and impact’. 



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Our Presenters

Daniel Tomlinson-Gray (he/him) is co-founder and director of LGBTed, a network aiming to increase the visibility of authentic LGBT+ role models in schools.  Fully funded by TeachFirst, the LGBTed Proud Leadership programme has so far resulted in 75% or its participants achieving promotions in their schools as well as improving the school experience of vulnerable, LGBT+ young people.  He is a full time teacher of English and Media Studies and editor of the book Big Gay Adventures In Education: Supporting LGBT+ Visibility & Inclusion in Schools published by Routledge and available from all book retailers.

Dr Alice Kirke, Publishing Manager, Chartered College of Teaching.  Alice manages Impact and other publications across our platforms and has been working for the Chartered College of Teaching since June 2017.  She has a PhD in the history of education from UCL Institute of Education, where she taught on the BA Education Studies programme.

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