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Teaching revision explicitly

Written by: Dave Tushingham
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Dave Tushingham, Lead Practitioner Mathematics, The Greenshaw Learning Trust For revision to be impactful, students need to know how to revise well. In this reflection, I discuss how, by implementing structured models of explicit teaching for revision, we can equip our students with the metacognitive skills required to revise independently with success when making sense of their own body of knowledge (Cottingham, 2023). I believe that revision is a metacognitive skill that is more impactful when the process of revision has been explicitly taught. We explicitly teach our students subject knowledge so that they can effectively practise and become more skilful in the subject that they study (Needham, 2023). The same applies for teaching students how to revise: the revision process has its own powerful knowledge. We think of revision as a mini curriculum (Howell, 2022). This curriculum is taught through our tutor time programme, from Year 7 students through to Year 11. We follow a similar

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    About the Author

    Lead Practitioner in Mathematics, Greenshaw Learning Trust, Bristol, UK

    Currently working in the Greenshaw Learning Trust, I work alongside other Lead Practitioners to support staff and students and I am constantly humbled by colleagues' expertise and warmth, learning new ideas for my own practice every day.

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