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Holistic approaches to assessment

In recent years there has been much debate on approaches to assessment, with many arguing that the current system is no longer fit for purpose. Are, for example, pencil and paper tests at 16 and 18 equitable or useful for determining students’ ability to apply what they have learned? Why do we only measure individual […]

Communicating sanctuary and care

This project brings together research and practice-based expertise from colleagues working in the fields of Education, Medicine, Linguistics and Art with a view to developing innovative and timely curriculum programmes. Central to the project is the partnership with external agencies in the field of linguistics (NALDIC) and Psychology (Place2Be) in order to inform understandings and […]

The Great Big Small Schools Inset Day

Join colleagues working in small school settings across the country, for a day of thought-provoking discussion about evidence, research and education through a small school lens. This is a joint venture between the Church of England (CEFEL) and the Chartered College of Teaching, open to all types of small primary schools. We will hear from […]

Pioneer The Way In Climate Education!

The Foundation for Education Development, Dame Rachel De Souza, The Children’s Commissioner, and Dame Alison Peacock, The Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching, invite you to the online launch of The Climate & Sustainability Toolkit. Join us to hear from education experts and leaders and to explore together the wealth of resources, curriculum mapping tools, case […]

Closing the attainment gap for boys at secondary school

This project has grown out of an inquiry by an all-party parliamentary group into Boys’ Educational Underachievement. On average, boys underachieve, relative to girls at every stage in their education.  This all-party group has been running an inquiry to understand the reasons and possible remedies. To find successful practice, the team emailed every school in […]

A conversation with Sir Martyn Oliver

Watch the conversation with Prof. Dame Alison Peacock and  Sir Martyn Oliver as part of Ofsted’s Big Listen campaign. Questions were submitted ahead of time by members. The event was for Members of the Chartered College of Teaching only.

Maximizing Cognitive Science

Bradley Busch from InnerDrive will delivered a short presentation on the importance of cognitive science research for teaching and learning, before a panel reflected and discussed what has worked well in different settings, common misunderstandings and lessons learnt to avoid misapplications. Cat Scutt, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chartered College of Teaching Bradley Busch, Psychologist at […]

NEW! EEF Implementation Guidance Report

Nikki is excited to be able to share the NEW EEF Implementation Guidance Report, recommendations and resources within this session. She will discuss how to implement change in the most effective way so that it has the best possible chance of succeeding.  The latest research and recommendations will be shared and reflected upon. This session […]

What does it mean to be a ‘professional’ in teaching today?

This is an important topic in a fast-changing educational world that faces many challenges for teachers and students. It has its roots in the 19th century, when schoolteachers strove to achieve a professional status alongside doctors and lawyers, and attempts were made during the latter half of the last century to revive the idea. But […]

Developing a whole-school approach to gender equity, and why it matters

Gender stereotypes harm everyone. They place us into binary boxes, impacting the way we develop, learn and view ourselves. Before a child is born, their biological sex has determined how society will define them. From the gender reveal parties and gender assigned toys and clothes, society is already making assumptions about a child’s characteristics. These […]

Three ways to strengthen school effectiveness with the Chartered College of Teaching

Join us for this webinar where we’ll be shining a spotlight on how schools can utilise Chartered College of Teaching membership to strengthen school effectiveness.  In this 45 minute session we’ll be joined by school leaders from primary and secondary settings, as well as colleagues from the Chartered College of Teaching who will be sharing […]

The impact of Impact on evidence-informed education: celebrating 20 issues

Following the publication of the 20th issue of Impact, join us as we celebrate and reflect on the impact that Impact has had on evidence-informed education to date. Evidence-informed education has been widely recognised for its potential to improve teaching and learning yet research-practice gaps continue to persist, not least because top-down models of evidence-informed practice […]

Using research well to drive improvement in schools

Calls for research-informed improvement are everywhere in education, but what does it mean to use research well? What does it look like in practice, and how can it be supported in schools? This session from researchers and educators involved in the Monash Q Project in Australia will explore how to model, support and involve others in […]

International Women’s Day: Women Inspiring Inclusion

Join us as we bring together women who are leaders in the field of education to hear their stories of inclusion, leadership, and equity. Join us for an inspiring evening of storytelling, celebration, and revelation. #IWD2024  Contributors include: Professor Dame Alison Peacock DBE DL DLitt, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered College of Teaching Vivienne Porritt OBE […]

Research Champions: Breakfast Meeting

Are you a new Chartered College of Teaching Research Champion? Join us on the 12th of March for our breakfast introductory webinar. During the session you will be introduced to the CCT Research Champion role, have a chance to meet members of the CCT Research Champion team, and connect with your peers. We will also […]

Research Champions: Twilight Meeting

Are you a new Chartered College of Teaching Research Champion? Join us on the 12th of March for our twilight introductory webinar. During the session you will be introduced to the CCT Research Champion role, have a chance to meet members of the CCT Research Champion team, and connect with your peers. We will also […]

Research & Teachers: How does (and might) research move to, around and among teachers?

Research can play an important role in teachers’ professional lives. It can provide: insights to understand the experiences of learners; guidance on addressing current priorities; and inspiration for thinking about what else is possible or desirable. This webinar will explore teachers’ experiences of accessing, exchanging and engaging with research and investigate the role of individuals, […]

Addressing teacher mental health and wellbeing through reflective practice

There is a growing global concern about the rate at which teachers are leaving the profession. Much of this has been attributed to the increasing stress and workload faced by teachers. Teacher wellbeing and mental health is now a priority in the education policy agenda in England. This webinar addresses two important issues faced by […]